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Installation and Download

If you have already purchased a license for AutoTheory 4, that same license will work for AutoTheory 5.  No action within the iLok License Manager Software is needed.  All you need to do is Install AutoTheory 5 from the link below in Step 3.  Please watch the video on our Setup page regarding the new format setup.


1.  Update/Install iLok License Manager Software (no iLok dongle/key required).

2.  Enter activation code into iLok license manager and assign license to desired computer(s) or iLok 2/3 dongle(s).  Two different locations can be assigned.  Please read iLok FAQ's on our Setup page.   




3.  Download/Install AutoTheory 5


AutoTheory is recognized as a VST/AU Instrument within your DAW.  It does not produce any sound, but allows you to load an additional VST/AU Instrument within itself.  AutoTheory can also act as a MIDI Output to other instrument tracks within DAWs that support this type of routing.  An AU MIDI Effect version is also included.  Multiple instances of AutoTheory can be used within a project.  All instances sync Key, Scale and Chord selections.